Walking and Hiking Trails in the Swan Valley

Activities and things to do in the Swan Valley from Wine tasting to hiking or maybe a game of Supa Golf. Travelling WA as put together a selection of the most popular and not so popular must do when in the Swan Valley.
Swan Valley Visitors Centre
Swan Valley Visitor Centre your first port of call – your one stop shop for information services, maps, tours and accommodation to help plan your Swan Valley experience.

Guildford Heritage Walk Trail

Guildford is one of three towns established in 1829 when Western Australia was settled and the only town in Perth on the Register of the National Estate. Established on what is virtually an island encircled by the Swan and Helena Rivers, Guildford is ideally suited to exploration on foot or Bike.  Dowload the Guildford Heritage Walk Trails  for three short walk trails ranging from 20 minutes to one hour.

Guildford Heritage Walk Trails Guildford Heritage Walk Trails (127 KB)

Noble Falls Walk Trail

The Noble Falls Walk Trail (PDF 271KB) is a lovely walk along the Wooroloo Brook and is attractive at all times of the year. The wildflowers are in bloom in the spring and the waterfall is stunning in winter. The walk adjoins a reserve, which is home to many birds and other wildlife. It begins from the Noble Falls picnic and parking area (which is directly opposite the Noble Falls Tavern) off Toodyay Road.

Noble Falls Walk Trail Noble Falls Walk Trail (271 KB)

Bells Rapids Walk Trail

Walking can help you lose weight, improve flexibility and is a great way to stay motivated. Walking in our natural environment with family and friends is an ideal opportunity to stay fit and enjoy the flora and fauna unique to the Swan area. The Bells Rapid Walk Trail  is the second of a series of walk trail brochures to be developed by the City of Swan. This scenic walk along the Swan River, home of the famous Avon  Descent, is noted for being one of the best vantage points for the event with its majestic boulders and rushing waters in the winter. Bells Rapid is also the habitat of the beautiful grey kangaroo which can be seen at certain times of the year in abundance. You will enjoy scenic views of countryside and coastal plains on this unique circuit walk trail.

Bells Rapids Walk Trail Bells Rapids Walk Trail (302 KB)

FR Berry Reserve Walk Trail

The FR Berry Walk Trail  is the fourth in a series of walk trail brochures to be developed by the City of Swan.  Named after Mount Lawley Company Manager, Mr F R Berry, the Reserve covers an area of 214 hectares (529 acres) and is the largest of the City’s nature reserves. F R Berry Reserve has been included in the Department of Conservation’s Land for Wildlife Scheme.  Several vegetation communities exist at FR Berry Reserve including Jarrah/Marri/Wandoo woodlands, Melaleuca (Paperbark) fringed creeklines and granite outcrops containing a great diversity of species. The reserve is also home to several species of Rare and Priority flora, some of which are unique to this place and do not occur anywhere else in WA, or for that matter, the world.

FR Berry Reserve Walk Trail FR Berry Reserve Walk Trail (6152 KB)

Wandoo Heights

Walking in natural bushland areas is a unique opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna and to reflect on the unspoiled beauty that is still available for us to enjoy.The Wandoo Heights Wildflower Walk Trail  is the third of the series to be developed by the City of Swan.

The Wandoo Heights Wildflower Walk Trail The Wandoo Heights Wildflower Walk Trail (586 KB)

Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary

The name “Karakamia” is an aboriginal word meaning home of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos; so named because at dusk the air is filled with the sound of their “karak, karak” call.  Visitors can experience the magic of Karakamia Sanctuary by participating in a two hour guided walk at dusk. Setting off along a bush track just before sunset, you are likely to see a number of nocturnal animals including Woylies, Tammar Wallabies, & Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoots). This is a special experience as many of the animals you will see cannot readily be seen in a national park. For more information and bookings visit the Karakamia Sanctuary website. 

Swan Valley and Perth Hills Trails

This comprehensive site features 41 outstanding nature walk, bike and bridle trails right on the city’s doorstep. The site provides access to healthy, fun and inspiring recreational activities in a range of stunning environments encouraging West Australian residents and visitors alike to enjoy Perth’s Eastern Region’s. Visit the Swan Valley and Perth Trails website.
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This is only a taste of what is on offer in the Swan Valley. For more information about everything in and around the region contact the Swan Valley Visitor Centre.
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